Why pay for a Folded book art pattern if you're not even sure you can do it?!?

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in an easy and free way! All of our patterns work in the same way, so if you know how to do this pattern, you can fold any pattern.

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We promise you! It isn't that complicated as it looks, it actually quite easy and once you get the hang of it you will say the same, I guarantee that!


This FREE DIY pattern is the perfect way to get familiar with creating your own folded book art. You'll receive a clear step-by-step manual which explains how to read and use the pattern.

Folding your own books is much easier than it looks. It's simply a matter of marking the pages according to the pattern and after that fold each page twice on the marks.


I was searching the internet for a clear explanation on how to start creating book art, but every explanation I came across was so confusing. I began to feel discouraged until I came across this tutorial. The instructions were so clear, and the pattern was so easy to use. Thank you!

Katie DePaul 

Dallas, TX